History of Sterling Silver Rings

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Sterling silver rings, after gold rings, are one of the most popular forms of jewelry to purchase. There are various designs and types of sterling silver jewelry to choose from; some people purchase it as earrings, bracelets or rings. However, there are more specific types of sterling silver fashion rings to buy.

Since sterling silver has been around for centuries, antique sterling silver rings are and have always been very popular. One type is the Georgian style sterling silver rings. These are dated as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries. They are very rare, since most have been melted down and recreated into modern sterling silver rings and jewelry. The Georgian designers didn’t like using gold, but instead sterling silver rings because the white color accented the diamonds they were created with.

Victorian style sterling silver rings began its circulation in the jewelry market around 1837. It was an era that was named after Queen Victoria; it also ended after she died in 1901. The sterling silver rings were used with precious stones and emblems and are very rare; the originals at least. You can still find them made in modern times. Since its creation was around the time archeological discoveries were made, the designs of the Victorian sterling silver rings mimic Greek and Egyptian designs.

Other sterling silver rings you may find have Art Nouveau designs, Art Deco designs, retro designs and fifties designs. If there is one thing that all sterling silver rings have in common, it’s the symbolism they all contain. Even before the 17th century, sterling silver rings have been used to symbolize faith, religion, love, marriage, loyalty, holiness, strength, friendship and just everyday décor. During Biblical times, sterling silver rings were known as sacred and were thought to have mystical powers.

Trends In Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling silver rings are worn on every finger and most recently more sterling silver band rings have been designed to fit the thumb. New designs and mixed breed designs are available, making a large selection of sterling silver rings to choose from. Over the years, there are replicas and even fakes that look like sterling silver rings, but aren’t. These rings are made of metal and painted a silver color, but can easily be scraped off and tarnished. Some turn colors after becoming wet and exposed to the air for long periods of time.

To ensure that your sterling silver rings are legit, you can look for specific things. First off, sterling silver is 92.5% silver, which is alloyed with copper (7.5%) to make it stronger. You can ask a retailer the percentage of silver used to figure out if it is actually sterling silver. Anything more or less is classified as another form of silver.

You can also look out for etchings in the sterling silver rings you are looking to purchase. It will read .925 or S.S.; if you see S.P., this isn’t sterling silver it’s silver-plated. This means that it is painted with actual silver, not solid silver. It’s hard to tell which items are truly sterling silver, so make sure to purchase from a trusted seller of fine jewelry. Make sure there is a warranty and shipping incentives when decided on sterling silver rings.

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