Wedding Jewellery – A Ring for Every Occasion

loose diamonds vs1 clarity

My magpie tendencies crop up on this blog pretty regularly; there is just no escaping it, I like things that sparkle. Which probably explains my slight collectomaniac tendencies when it comes to pretty sparkly jewellery, and particularly the sort of sparkles that you wear on your fingers.

So I am definitely a firm believer in having a ring for every occasion. Yes the most exciting ring you will probably ever receive is your engagement ring but for those of you that are already married, and even those of you that are not yet there, why not start dropping hints about the benefits of the anniversary rings.

And here is some beautiful inspiration from American Jeweller Anjolee (don’t worry ladies, they ship to the UK as well) which has a beautiful range of diamond anniversary rings. Or in fact these beauties could be a ring for any occasion.

I love this interchangeable piece which can be a ring or a necklace – depending on what takes your fancy!

A great thing about Anjolee as well, is that you do have the opportunity to customize your jewellery – to really make it your own, or to make it perfect for your partner as a gift.

So is diamond jewellery a bit of a weakness of yours as well? Do you plan to rock the diamonds on your wedding day? Or do you think diamonds are more of a lifetime commitment?!

Love, Aphrodite x

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